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Hi! I'm Marco Salinas, President of Credit 360 Consulting and Credit Confidence Home Buyers Club , Let us help you improve your credit!

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A fast, effective and aggressive performance-driven approach to credit restoration...

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No fee is assessed until items are actually removed from your credit report- that means ZERO risk to you.

See Results In Only 30 Days

With our program you will usually see your first results in just 30 days and the program is completed in only 90.

We have helped over 5000 people improve their credit...

Since 2010, thousands of hard-working families have come to us for their Credit Repair needs, we are passionate about what we do in helping people and we have the reputation to prove it, with an A+ BBB Rating and an FTC compliant Attorney Powered Credit Repair Program- we focus on helping YOU achieve your goals and dreams.

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